FLOODS, the FIFTH Collaborative Community Design Initiative, focuseD on the Disruption CAUSED BY hurricane Harvey and the ways in which community design can lead to more resilient and equitable neighborhoods.


Collaborative Community Design Initiative No. 5


FLOODS was developed in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and is focused on the relationship between design and resilience in an era of climate change. Floods assembles the most significant challenges and embedded opportunities in four Houston neighborhoods that experienced significant disruption as a result of the storm. The work points to new ways to practice community design within a changing global and urban context, and moves forward to envision more resilient and equitable communities.  


Locations: East Houston, Eastex | Jensen, Edgebrook,

Kashmere | Trinity | Houston Gardens

Design Team
Susan Rogers, Director
Adelle Main, Assistant Director

Gabriela Degetau, Publication Design and Project Manager
Designers: Cynthia Cruz, Angelica Lastra, Jose Mario Lopez, Maria Noguera, Constanza Pena, Katherine Polkinghorne

Student Team

Afreen Ali, Rafael Araujo, Alex Bishop, Abhilasha Bisht, Reagan Cameron, Kaihan Chen, Doumit Doumit, Peter Eccles, Gabriella Espinosa, Luis Garcia, Saraa Hussein, Danielle Johnson-Hazlewood, Filza Khan, Salil Keny, Joey Khong, Stephanie Lau, Tran Le, Yan Lu, Catalina Morales, Matthew Nguyen, Stephanie Oropeza, Kelvin Rodriguez, Andy Rowell, Nicholas Seckfort, Pooja Shetty, Caroline Smith, Vilma Umanzor, Jose Vazquez, Michael Zepeda

Project Sponsors

National Endowment for the Arts, Japan Business Association of Houston