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Testing resiliency strategies and ideas through collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to research can lead to innovative solutions.

Greens Bayou Watershed Analysis and Resiliency Planning 

Greater Houston Flood Mitigation Consortium

The Greens Bayou Watershed Analysis and Resiliency Planning project is a collaboration to develop resiliency strategies for communities with the Greens and Halls Bayou watersheds. The project integrates the concept of “living with water” into the overall design, while also understanding the community scale implications of all scenarios and strategies. The project is led by the SSPEED Center, CDRC, and the Kinder Institute for Urban Research. 


In the coming months comprehensive resiliency plans will be developed for Greenspoint, East Houston, Aldine and Eastex/Jensen Super Neighborhoods.

CDRC Project Team: Susan Rogers, Director; Adelle Main, Assistant Director; Gabriela Degetau, Angelica Lastra, Jose Mario Lopez, Constanza Pena, Katherine Polkinghorne