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Founded in 2005 the work of the CDRC cuts across the disciplines of architecture, design, planning, community development, art, social practice, and activism. The CDRC’s partnerships with local leaders in communities across Houston have led to an expansive and diverse body of work reflecting the extraordinarily rich landscape of our city. Over the past 17 years, the CDRC has partnered with nearly four dozen community-based and non-profit organizations to complete over 50 projects in 38 Houston area neighborhoods. The work is not limited by scale, ranging from public art to architectural concepts and from urban design to community visioning. 


Design is a strategy for change. Justice and equity are at the core of all that we do and we believe that place-based design and research should amplify the voices of community members, engage students, and transform possibilities. Our work is focused on our communities because place and design matter.

our Mission: WORKING collaboratively with community partners to define, develop, and apply transformative design strategies that bring us closer to a more just and equitable city, at every scale.


Susan Rogers, Director

Diana Arias

Sharon Lott

Davone Morgan

Regyna Palacios



122 College of Architecture Bldg (Rm 102)
Houston, TX 77204-4000
(p) 713.743.2403

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