An exploration in architectural strategies with the potential to traverse scale, balance ecology, and illustrate spatial and temporal continuums. 


Agri-Urbanism combines agriculture and urbanism to form a systemic, sustainable development. The Pierce Junction Agri-Urbanism project is a site-specific prototype. It is spatial and temporal. It is an exploration in the development of architectural strategies and processes that can traverse scale and illustrate spatial and temporal continuums, or links between things that blend seamlessly to become a system. As a result it is both a system and a process.

Pierce Junction is home to the seventh generation heirs of Edward R. and Ann Taylor, the site has more than 170 years of continuous history. Today, multiple generations of the family live on the estate and the original Taylor-Stevenson Ranch is home to the American Cowboy Museum which celebrates the long multi-cultural history of cowboy culture, farming and ranching.

Fall 2008
University of Houston
College of Architecture

Design Team:  Susan Rogers, Alex Lahti, Jennifer Taylo