The production and installation of public design exhibitions is an opportunity to highlight both

speculative and provocative work.

banlieue is beautiful

A short film was produced for the invitation to participate in the “Banlieue is Beautiful” exhibit and event at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France. The film tells the diverse stories of Houston’s

suburbs and the people who call them home. The work is a celebration of beauty and diversity.


From the film: “The city changes. People are pulled, pushed. The city begins to resemble the world. The world the city. New divisions emerge. New problems. We come together. The landscape splits us apart. We become defined by where we live, not how. Where we live exposes us to stereotypes. But our stories are worth telling. Our city worth knowing. Our lives worth celebrating. Our shoes worth walking in. Walk in our shoes?”

Project Team: Susan Rogers, Director; Rose Lee, Mirna Santillan, and
Ricardo Sepulveda. Photos by Paul Hester, Susan Rogers, and Ricardo
Sepulveda. Sponsored in part by the Texan French Alliance for the Arts