Complete Communities is Houston’s first neighborhood-based planning effort focused on equity. A signature project of Mayor Sylvester Turner, Complete Communities aspires to be simultaneously grounded and transformative.



The CDRC worked in partnership with the City of Houston to shape the Complete Communities planning effort in 2017. Five Houston neighborhoods were selected to participate in the pilot initiative—Acres Home, Gulfton, Near Northside, Second Ward, and Third Ward. Stakeholders in each neighborhood developed a vision that represented their ideal of a complete community and this shared vision guided the planning effort in each community. 


Across the five neighborhoods 3,500 people shared their insights, values, and visions. More than 2,300 participants attended one of the fourteen public meetings, and nearly 1,200 leaders representing faith-based organizations, business owners, non-profit and community based organizations, and civic, educational and institutional leaders attended one of hundreds of listening sessions with community planners. A Neighborhood Support Team, comprised of locally identified leaders, residents and allies, guided each Complete Community effort.   


Design Team
Susan Rogers, Director, Adelle Main, Assistant Director
Design Strategist: Angelica Lastra, Jose Mario Lopez, Pooja Shetty, Barbara Venegas

Project Sponsor: City of Houston Planning and Development Department

Completed 2018