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Driving Jensen

Driving Jensen is a partnership between Houston Northeast CDC, the Community Design Resource Center (CDRC) at the University of Houston, the Greater Northside Management District, and area artists. The project builds on over three years of partnership between the organizations to develop plans and strategies to improve and activate Jensen Drive. The innovative model brings artists, students, designers, city planners, elected officials, and real estate professionals together with community-based organizations, neighborhood leaders, youth, and stakeholders to develop four distinct, but related projects—Animate, Collaborate; Advocate; and Celebrate.


The combined goals of the project are to expand community involvement in transforming space in a way that meets their needs and visions, to increase access to decision makers and the decision-making process, and to collectively identify and advance priority development projects that result in a more just and equitable spatial practice.


Project Team: Susan Rogers, Adelle Main, Angélica Lastra, José Mario López, Cynthia Cruz, Ariana Flick, Kaede Polkinghorne, Maria Noguera 


Studio Team: Fiona McGettigan, Professor, Susan Rogers, Professor, Sara Alwagfi, Charlotte Bates, Ivan Battle, Paloma Bond-Reading, Devon Bush, Sophia Carugatti, Lisa Chaney, Regan Chen, Jodi-Ann Clarke, Santiago Cubillos, Nicole Dinh, Paris Dowd, Sam Farley, Jason Funes, Alexandra Hernandez, Garrett Hogue, Ferdous Kabir, Utopia Lastrap, Yen Le, Stephanie Leal, Amanda Lopez, Jilian McNulty, Hannah Montalvo, Haley Nevot, Mary Nguyen, Sam Nguyen, Antonio Perez, Mikayla Pham, Tina Raffoul, Karen Rix, Christopher Roberson, Tiffany Robles, Chaney Shelton, John Sirrieh, Sara White, Josiah Williams, Tess Wright


Partners: Houston Northeast Community Development Corporation, Greater Northside Management District

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