Urban design is one way to tell stories of place. A key strategy for this project was to re-think everyday urban elements and explore how they contribute to building beauty, identity, and place.



The Greater Northside District Urban Design Toolkit is a set of place-based design strategies that promote connectivity, enhance public spaces, and spark economic development. Each strategy also strengthens the identity of the District overall and the five distinct neighborhoods that comprise it: Greater Heights, Near Northside, Northline, Independence Heights and Eastex Jensen.

The overarching goal was to tell the stories of place and celebrate the qualities that make the District and it’s neighborhoods special. The strategies re-think everyday urban elements and explore how they can contribute to building beauty, identity, and place.

The Urban Design Toolkit was developed through a series of community meetings, including a visioning meeting in each of the five neighborhoods in the District. The meetings focused on identifying and mapping concepts and strategies to promote the identity of each neighborhood, along with defining key locations for intervention.

Design Team
Susan Rogers, Director, Adelle Main, Assistant Director
Designers: Gabriela Degetau, Angelica Lastra, Jose Mario Lopez, Constanza Peña, Barbara Venegas
Jasleen Sarai, Artist Consultant

Project Sponsor: Greater Northside Management District

Completed 2018