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Addressing barriers to resiliency across all scales through agricultural interventions.

houston 2020 Visions

Hubs: [AGRI]gation

[AGRI]gation departs from the premise that local food networks will create a more resilient city. The project is a series of agricultural interventions that address barriers to resiliency across scales—from the watershed, to the neighborhood, to the block, to the lot. The interventions transform buyout areas into urban farming, capitalize on vacant land to create co-operative food and housing systems, and build health and connectivity in food deserts.


Schoolyards to Farms

A resilient food system established at each of the four public school properties would improve access to healthy food in East Houston, including expanded  community gardens, farming, and farmers markets.



Vacant Land to Housing and Farms

A new model to generate a resilient housing, food, and co-operative economic system has been developed for the Eastex Jensen neighborhood. The model builds on existing community networks and organizations, such as the twenty area churches, while also maximizing the potential of the nearly 1,000 acres of vacant land.



Floodplains to Farms

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Harris County identified a number of locations to focus home buyout programs, including in East Aldine. Buyouts often occur over years, if not decades, creating neighborhood challenges such as illegal dumping and other nuisances. Developing strategies to optimize the use of buyout properties ensures that these sites remain productive throughout the process. 


Project Team: Susan Rogers, Director; Adelle Main, Assistant Director; Gabriela Degetau, Angelica Lastra, Jose Mario Lopez, Katherine Polkinghorne, Maria Noguera, Cynthia Cruz

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