The museum can be a site to interrogate and celebrate the political, physical, economic, and social implications of artistic practices within larger urban environments.


Towards the Political

Reconstruction of the City

Museo de Antioquia, Medellin

Working in collaboration with Rick Lowe an exhibit titled “From
Biggers to Beuys” opened at the Museo de Antioquia in
Medellin, Colombia on October 20, 2018. I designed the exhibit
features, such as the near full scale photograph of the Project
Row Houses yard, the domino table, and model of the Project Row
Houses. The exhibit also featured three Rick Lowe paintings, that
were set within this urban framework exploring the social practices
of being in a space.
I also participated in Dialog 1 “The Reconstruction of the
Neighborhood” with Jorge Blandon and Natalia Castano. The
conversation addressed the reconstruction of the neighborhood
to recover the symbolic narratives of inhabitants and the
reconfiguration of neighborhood identities as a tool for the
construction of critical citizenship. It also explored the political,
physical, economic and social implications of artistic practices
within larger urban dimensions.


Project Team: Rick Lowe and Susan Rogers

Model: Jose Mario Lopez and Angelica Lastra