A design research project investigating the intervention, expansion  and re-design of public infrastructure

Thick Infrastructure

THICK INFRASTRUCTURE is a design research project investigating the intervention, expansion, and re-design of public infrastructure to include elements that enhance civic and public spaces, transforming single-purpose infrastructure landscapes into multi-functional systems.  The project advances the vision of infrastructure as integrated into the fabric of the city, replacing the reality of single-purpose, engineered, and disconnected infrastructural landscapes.

The project tested design ideas and strategies by looking at a selected number of the 28 park and ride lots, 19 transit centers, and linear segments of both the 2500 miles of waterways and ditches and the 200 miles of utility easements in the city.  The ideas and designs provide a window into the potential future of our infrastructure systems and landscapes, and illustrate new ways to merge these systems into our communities and make them more useful and valuable, serving multiple purposes.

Fall 2012
Exhibit Location: University of Houston, College of Architecture
Design Team:  Susan Rogers, Ruqiya Imtiaz-uddin, Alex Lara, Rose Lee, Xavier Vargas


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