Zona de Juego was a 600’ long painted supergraphic that provided an inviting zone for active play, learning, and celebration of the local history and cultural.


The ZONA de JUEGO is a zone of active play, learning, and celebrating. Popular children’s games such as hopscotch, four square, and tic-tac-toe punctuate the 600’ graphic and encourage active play. Measurements, fractions, and ABCs reinforce lessons in the classroom, encouraging children to learn. Finally, the historical timeline celebrates the history and culture of the neighborhood in both Spanish and English. The ZONA de JUEGO project emerged from an idea about health and design, but was finely honed through our close partnership with Magnolia Park residents, leaders, and stakeholders, De Zavala Elementary School, the City of Houston and the Department of Health and Human Services’ Community Transformation Initiative.

Design Team:  Susan Rogers, Director; Rose Lee; Mirna Santillan; Ricardo Sepulveda



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